Benefits of Conducting Background Check Before Hiring an Employee

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1 in 40 Americans have a felony on their record and roughly 40% of all applicants lie about at least one thing on their resume. Background checks allow employers to find out whatever they can about their employees to ensure their new hire is being truthful. Conducting a background check before hiring an employee is integral to finding the right candidate for a job. Read on to learn the benefits of conducting a background check and why you should choose Axiom for all your background checks.

Benefits of Conducting Background Check

The benefits of background checks are numerous. From ruling out poor quality hires to reducing profit losses, completing background checks is integral for the success of any company. Some of the top benefits of background checks include:

Improved quality of hire

When you hire someone, you are hoping to get the best fit for your company. The background check helps you in two ways. The first is that potential hires who know a background check will be run may be discouraged from applying if they have something to hide. Those who do apply and have hidden their history will be exposed, allowing you to rule them out due to their dishonesty, background or both. Either way, you’re going to get higher-quality hires than those you would get without running a background check. Furthermore, if you do discover something nefarious about an employee a few years after hiring them that will require a termination, you can’t risk losing upwards of $40,000 to find their replacement. This cost is astronomical when compared to what you could be spending on a background check through Axiom.

Reduced hiring risks

Although not every person with a felony on their background will show violent tendencies, knowing about a violent past can help mitigate violence in the workplace. With nearly 2 million workdays lost—combined with an estimated $50 million in lost wages—per year in the United States due to workplace violence, it is integral that employers know what their employees are capable of. Furthermore, employee violence accounts for a whopping 9% of all workplace fatalities, a huge risk for something that could be prevented. If an employee dies at the hands of another employee, you can face unimaginable court costs that could lead to your needing to shutter your business for good. Background checks allow for smarter hiring decisions without being blindsided.

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Enhanced compliance

Did you know that in-house compliance is required in every state for businesses—including requiring background checks? Companies that do not complete proper background checks on their employees can face steep fines and legal damages from the state if they are not properly screening their employees. This means that you need to make sure that you are getting the most thorough background checks possible on potential hires.

Reduced losses due to employee dishonesty

Unfortunately, some employees steal from their employers, leading to millions of dollars in lost revenue. Over 95% of companies experience employee theft at least once while they are in business, and 75% of employees admit to stealing something from their employers. Although a background check will not mitigate all employee theft, it can severely reduce exactly how much is stolen. Many career criminals who steal from their employers will steal large amounts over a long period, with the average employee theft case lasting for 10 years and totalling nearly 5.5 million dollars. A background check will allow you to see instances of theft and make an educated decision on whether or not a potential hire is more likely to be a liability than an asset.

Are you an employer and still have questions regarding employment screening?

We understand the importance of wanting to know everything possible about the benefits of pre-employment screening. Although we believe we have done an adequate job of explaining the benefits of a background check and what it means for your business and potential hires, we understand that you might still have some questions.

We are dedicated to providing you with all possible information about a potential hire. We know that a background report is your first line of defense against a nefarious presence in your business which is why our experts are available to schedule a free consultation with you should you want to know more about how a background check can help your company. You can contact our experts here. Within 48 hours, we will schedule a consultation with you so you can understand all the benefits that come with a thorough background check when looking to hire a new employee.

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Why Choose Axiom Backgrounds for Employment Background Check Services

We understand that you have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a background check service. However, we can assure you that choosing Axiom will allow you to get the most thorough industry background checks without spending as much as our competitors. Other benefits of Axiom include:

  • Our dedication to protecting your business/organization means you know exactly who you are hiring
  • Your ROI for our screenings will be huge
  • The ability to decide if a hire is a right fit for your business by showing you their actual job history, not the one they’ve doctored up for their resume
  • The ability for you to avoid getting involved in lawsuits due to violence or being penalized by the government for not properly screening your employees
  • The ability to avoid costly anti-discrimination laws by creating a paper trail

Choosing to run a background check on a new hire can be stressful, but it can save your company millions of dollars in the long run. From ruling out unscrupulous hires to abiding by government regulations, the benefits of conducting background checks before hiring an employee are numerous. Learn more about the top ten reasons you should use Axiom for your background checks and how to avoid getting yourself in a bad situation by clicking here. Connect with one of our background check experts today to ensure a brighter future for you and your company right here.